Healthcare in Jeddah

Posted on Oct 20, 2010

By Anonymous – Posted on 31 August 2010

Healthcare in Jeddah reflects the successes and failures of the greater Saudi nation. Saudi Arabian healthcare has always existed at an elevated standard in the Middle East and many of its facilities are the best in the region. That being said, its recent increase in population has caused the government to re-evaluate the current system and to take steps to provide cost-effective quality healthcare options to its residents.

Recently, a law has been passed requiring all employers employing expats in Jeddah and the rest of the KSA to purchase private health insurance for their workers. Iqamas/resident visas in Saudi Arabia cannot be granted without proof of this insurance. Thus it is vital that expats double check that employers are aware of this fact and take the appropriate steps.

The law is designed to ease the financial burden on the government and to entice even Saudi citizens to use private hospitals, and thus create more funding and better facilities for the healthcare sector.

The health insurance purchased by the expat employer will be a local coverage plan, this means that when expats leave Jeddah and go outside Saudi Arabia they will lose coverage. For this reason it is recommended to consider international health insurance providers.

There are a few hospitals in Jeddah that cater specifically to expats. These hospitals are often staffed by expats themselves, and thus mirror western practice.