Where In the World Are Your Clients Doing Business?

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

Where In the World Are Your Clients Doing Business?

Well, if they agree with “The Best Countries for Business” list put out by Forbes then the answer might very well be: Europe.

According to the list, eight of the top ten best countries for business are in Europe. And as for the U.S.? It’s ranked at spot 22, right after Taiwan and before Japan. Several things are used to determine the rankings; taxes, technology, and red tape are just a few of the 11 total factors.

But what does this mean for the insurance world? It means that there is a pretty good chance you have clients looking to do business overseas– that is, if they aren’t already. And with working overseas and traveling abroad for business comes risk. Think about it– it is often key team members who are sent on foreign assignment. Whether short or long term, these trips require a lot of time to plan and come with a hefty price tag. And what if that key employee gets sick while on assignment? Or, what if they have trouble coping with the stress of their job and new surroundings? A failed foreign assignment can easily cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Use this list as a reminder that many of your clients and prospects, both big and small, are likely already operating outside of the U.S. Ask your clients where they are doing business, identify their global exposure, and help give them the tools they need to succeed.

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