Access US Billing & Enrollment Update

Posted on Aug 4, 2016

Starting soon, our Access US groups will begin transferring from the Aetna International billing and enrollment platform onto the Total Benefit Solutions billing and enrollment platform!

When will the transfer happen?
Renewing Access US groups will transfer to the TBS platform at their anniversary date 10/1/2016 and later. New Access US groups effective 10/1/16 and later will be automatically loaded to the TBS platform.

Who will groups contact for help?
Groups will contact TBS directly for assistance with billing and enrollment only. All other matters may continue to be directed to their assigned Aetna Account Managers/Service Team, who will remain unchanged. The new contact information for TBS will be included with their updated renewal and new group proposal packages.

What are the benefits of switching to the TBS billing and enrollment platform?
The TBS platform allows for online administration! Perks of the TBS online billing and enrollment system include:

  • Faster Service– Groups are notified via email the instant their bill is ready.
  • Enhanced Organization– 24/7 access to view and print invoices and employee census reports.
  • Simplicity– Make enrollment changes, revise bills, and securely pay online.

If you have any questions then please contact our Global Team for more information.