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Total Benefit Solutions

Specialists in employee insurance plans – at home and around the world

As the business world changes, so too must health insurance plans. More and more small- and mid-sized companies are opening their doors, creating one out of every three jobs. Meanwhile, small and large businesses are expanding into foreign countries, sending their employees to open new markets or conduct business.

Total Benefit Solutions specializes in group health plans for businesses and organizations that are operating in the US or on the global work stage.

Expat insurance plans that offer peace-of-mind to global employees

Total Benefit Solutions offers global insurance plans that are flexible, portable and tailor-made for employees working in foreign countries or US-based employees of foreign companies.

Knowing that valued employees and their dependents have a high quality insurance plan with comprehensive coverage gives everyone peace-of-mind and protects a company’s business interests.

Providing insurance coverage for businesses in Washington, Alaska, and Idaho 

Total Benefit Solutions also provides Washington, Alaska, and Idaho businesses and employees with high quality group benefit plans at different price points to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses. In addition, groups have both choice and flexibility with the option to offer up to five medical plans.

Making employee benefits easier for everyone

We are also proud to offer our easy-to-use, benefits, enrollment, administration, and management platform, also known as, BEAM.

BEAM serves businesses of all sizes with varying levels of integration and guides them through the ever-changing world of employee benefits. Features include online self services for both open enrollment, and ongoing plan administration, ACA compliance tools and testing, EDI with Aetna, payroll integration, and more.

Brokers, Agents and Producers

We understand how important it is for producers to service their employer clients by continually offering new and robust lines of coverage. As a wholesale benefits brokerage, Total Benefit Solutions believes it is our role to provide producers with value-based products, “best-in-class” service, and the tools and support needed to build your business.

If you are servicing clients in Washington, Alaska, or Idaho, or if you need to quote on global insurance, or get more information on BEAM, then discover the benefits of working with Total Benefit Solutions.

Total Benefit Solutions is a leading general insurance agent for domestic group benefits and global health coverage. For more information please, contact us today.