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Q:  Do we need to worry about any state mandates with the Access US Plan?

A: Aetna International complies with all state mandates where the employee resides. Groups can still have unified coverage at the same rate across multiple states. However, please note that at this time there is no coverage for those in Maryland, or Hawaii.


Q: What is the deadline for new group submission?

A: Global install takes longer than traditional groups because of the complexity of the coverage. We ask that new groups be submitted 30-45 days prior to the requested effective date.  Contact a Global Specialist for additional information.


Q: Is there a group size requirement for the Access US plan?

A: While a total of 51 worldwide employees is required, a minimum of only 2 enrolling in the US is needed for a quote. There is no maximum group size.


Q: My global group of 9 got an Access US quote. Can you hold the rates for next month?

A: Unfortunately, no, we cannot. Groups with under 10 lives get stock plans and stock rates, which we are not able to modify or hold. Please contact a member of the Global Team with any questions and they are always happy to help.

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Q:  What is IHAT?

A:  IHAT is Aetna’s International Health Advisory Team. This concierge level of service includes pre-trip planning, emergency assistance, procurement of prescriptions, coordination of care in remote areas and other expert advice that is invaluable for International employees.


Q: Is there an EAP available with these plans?

A:  Yes, Aetna offers International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP) including work/life resources to assist with international relocation adjustments.


Q:  Can I utilize online administration?

A: In October 2016, TBS began administering the billing and enrollments for Access US groups. These Access US groups use our Online Billing System (OBS) which allows them to view their statements online, make employee and dependent additions, and more! Contact TBS today for more information.


Q: Where do I submit billing and eligibility inquiries?

A: Please submit all billing and eligibility inquiries to Our current turn-around time for submitting inquires is 24-48 hours. Should you need immediate assistance, then please contact a member of our Client Care Team at 1-855-246-8873.


Q: Where do I send my payment?

A: For global groups that came on, or renewed 10/1/2016 or later, they have been transitioned to the TBS billing platform. All payments should now go to:

  • By Check
    • Checks should be made payable to Total Benefit Solutions
    • Scanned copy of the check is required with the group submission paperwork prior to mailing to TBS
    • Checks may be mailed to TBS at the following address:

Total Benefit Solutions

PO Box 45329

San Francisco, CA 94145-0329

  • By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Please reference your Group Name listed on the application for proper application of funds.
    • Routing/Transit Number: 122000496
    • Credit To: Total Benefit Solutions – Premium Trust Account
    • Account Number: 0020114835
    • Bank:

Union Bank

PO BOX 45329


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Q: I am using the Aetna DocFind feature to locate an in-network medical provider but I don’t know what plan name to select.

A: When asked to select a medical plan name you will want to choose “Open Choice PPO.”


Q: Are my dependents eligible for coverage?

A: Depending on what plan your company elects, there may be coverage for your dependents even if they reside in a different country than you.


Q: I am planning on staying in China after my business trip to see the sights. Is there coverage for me during that time?

A: Yes. Our full coverage plans provide you coverage no matter where you are in the world.  Our World Traveler plans have optional sojourn coverage for employees as well.


Q: I received a paper ID card from Aetna. Is it valid? When should I expect a plastic ID card?

A: Effective 04/01/17 Aetna will change the material ID cards are printed on from plastic to durable paper. Paper ID cards will be sent to all new members. Existing members will receive paper ID cards as replacements when critical card changes occur. The ID card size and content printed on the cards will not change.


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