Additional Layers of Insurance Coverage For Unique Situations

As the world gets smaller, threats to employee safety continue to grow, particularly in countries of unrest. We offer additional insurance benefits for employees who may be exposed to especially dangerous situations.

Non-Medical, Security Or Political Evacuations

In the event of an emergency situation when employees are in imminent danger while traveling in a foreign country, they and their insured dependents will be evacuated immediately to a place of safety.

Covered reasons for evacuation include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Civil uprisings, military coups, or political unrest
  • Identification as a persona non grata or being expelled from the country you are visiting

After the danger has cleared, employees and insured dependents will either be returned home or back to the destination from which they were evacuated.

Coverage includes:

  • Flight arrangements
  • Securing visas
  • Logistical arrangements such as ground transportation and housing
  • Contact with the insured and relaying messages to loved ones

Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance protects against a financial loss caused by a kidnapping or extortion—coverage up to a person’s personal or corporate net worth.

One of the most beneficial parts of Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is the unlimited expenses for the Crisis Response Team, which is highly trained to deal with kidnappings, ransom requests, and extortion plots.